Committed To Clients In Their Corporate And Civil Matters

Professional Legal Representation Backed By Decades Of Experience

When facing complicated legal matters, you want a lawyer as committed to your best interests as you are. As most law firms claim to be the best choice for your legal issues, it can be difficult to be sure of whom to turn to for the help you need.

My family has lived in Northwest Georgia for almost 200 years…it is the only home I have ever known. As a result, I want to see this area, its citizens, and its businesses grow and prosper. To that end, at Joseph Blake Evans PC, I try to help each client attain the results they deserve for all their legal needs. I have a wealth of local knowledge and more than 20 years of professional legal experience to help pursue that goal.

You can learn more about me here: Joseph Blake Evans

How I Represent My Clients

As one of a handful of solo attorneys handling corporate litigation throughout Northwest Georgia, I take the time to develop personal connections. In that way, I can ensure I have the information I need to properly represent each client with their current issue, while building relationships on which my clients can depend should the need arise.

Whether my clients need help getting fair compensation for a personal injury, protecting their interests in advance of litigation, or representing their interests in commercial or business litigation, I provide custom-tailored legal solutions designed to meet the individual needs of each client.

I use my best efforts to keep my clients informed as to the status of my representation of their interests. While I use my professional judgment to make certain tactical and strategic choices, the client is the ultimate decision-maker.

Let Me Stand By You

If you want to feel like your legal representation is on your side, contact my Dalton office today to schedule your initial consultation. Call me at 706-226-0001 or email me here to take the first step toward the resolution of your legal concerns.